Not all sissies are created equal. Sure, there are certain qualities shared amongst all varieties of sissies (a penchant for all things pink, small penises, and weakness in the presence of dominant women, for example), but I've found that sissies usually fall into distinct categories: sissy sluts, girlie girls, sissy prima donnas, and the extremely submissive sissies. To further illustrate my take on this, I'm going to use analogies to categorize sissies into the following groups: The School Whore, The Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, and Teacher's Pet.

You may still be trying to find your own sissy style or you may have an idea of what type of sissy you are, but need the guidance of a Sissy Training Mistress to give you sissy training assignments to help you reach your sissy goals.

That's what I am here for! For Sissy Training with Mistress Molly, call at 800-730-7415. If I am not available at the time of your call, a dispatcher would be happy to match you up with another Sissy Training Mistress that will meet your needs.