Which Sissy are YOU?

Not all sissies are created equal. Sure, there are certain qualities shared amongst all varieties of sissies (a penchant for all things pink, small penises, and weakness in the presence of dominant women, for example), but I've found that sissies usually fall into distinct categories: sissy sluts, girlie girls, sissy prima donnas, and the extremely submissive. To further illustrate my take on this, I'm going to use analogies to categorize sissies into the following groups: The School Whore, The Cheerleader, Homecoming Queen, and Teacher's Pet.

The School Whore

Every school has that one girl everyone loves to talk about. The School Whore. Maybe she sucked a janitor's cock in the broom closet? Maybe she was filmed getting gang-banged by the entire football team, then begged the guys to post the video on some Internet porn site? Maybe she's such a whore, that even the geeks on the chess team took turns cumming in her mouth?

Like The School Whore, sissy sluts are cock-crazed cumsluts that gain satisfaction from getting people off. Whether their Mistress makes them worship her strap-on or tease themselves with a selection from her toy chest, or maybe they happen to find themselves accosted by a group of horny guys at the local bar or club, they enjoy doing naughty things...because sissy sluts have few inhibitions, the nastier the sex, the better.

The Cheerleader

Adorable. Perky. Friendly. These are The Cheerleader's best qualities. Walking around in her pleated mini skirt and tight top, she's incredibly girly and knows how to have a good time. The Cheerleader is known for her cock teasing ways (which are sometimes accidental, other times not). Because Cheerleaders are part of a squad, you may even find them getting into trouble with their bratty, prick tease friends!

The Cheerleaders of sissydom are fun-loving, entertaining, and flirty. You'll probably find them dressed as cheerleaders for their Masters and Femdom Mistresses, too! They never fail to find themselves in “sticky” situations. If I had a dime for how many times I've been told by a sissy that, while out shopping or walking the dog, they managed to strike up a casual conversation with a hot, muscular man, but ended up in the back seat of his car or in a McDonald's bathroom taking it up the ass just minutes later, I'd have enough to buy myself a new pair of Louboutin heels.

Homecoming Queen

The Homecoming Queen is the envy of other girls. She looks like a Barbie doll, sitting atop the stage on Homecoming night, haughtily glaring down at her onlookers. Not only does she have perfect makeup, beautiful hair, and the best gown, but she's going to sneak away with the Homecoming King after the dance!

Some sissies are serious about looking their best. They enjoy visits to spas and salons, they wear only the best cosmetics, take pride in styling their hair or choosing trendy wigs, aren't afraid of using hormones or surgery to get the look they desire, eagerly complete the sissy assignments that they are given, and allow their Mistresses to choose their wardrobe. Sissies of this sort, like the Homecoming Queen, always get the guy. ;)
Teacher's Pet

There's always that one girl who will do anything for an A. Whether it's sitting at the front of the class, or raising her hand to answer every question before the teacher even has a chance to finish asking it, the Teacher's Pet is eager to please.

Not all sissies are as submissive as they initially present themselves to be. Often, they ignore the advice of their phone Mistresses, fail to properly do what is required to please them, and are often overcome with pervy thoughts and desires.

Like The Teacher's Pet, however, some sissies are so submissive that they will do anything their Mistress demands without second guessing. Worshiping foot long cocks at Mistress's command? Without hesitation. Worshiping the pussies and asses of Mistress's femdom friends? Gladly. Waiting on their bratty Mistress, hand and foot, doing anything her evil, malicious heart desires? Always.

Which Sissy are You?

Some sissies will find that they identify with a single group, while others see parts of themselves in each one. Sissy sluts, girlie girls, sissy prima donnas, and submissive, groveling little sissies alike will find a feminization phone sex session, general sissy phone sex session, forced-bi, or femdom phone sex call with a young Mistress like me to be unlike any other. Find out today which sissy you are!