Sissy's “Time of the Month”

Some sissy boys and girls, whether in an effort to “bond” with their Mistresses, feel more feminine, or experience the humiliation of pretending to menstruate, have a period. At the same time each month, sissies who either wish or need to have this experience are properly trained to follow the same rituals that we biological girls do. However, simply wearing a pad for a few days each month cannot compare to what biological girls experience. Below, you will learn what's required of my sissies who either wish or need to have a menstrual cycle.

Basic Do's and Dont's

It makes me giggle when it's time for my sissies to begin their “cycles,” yet they talk about prancing around in their sluttiest attire—mini skirts, sun dresses, bikinis, etc. When your tummy is supposed to ache, and you have a wad of cotton stuffed inside of you, skanky clothes just don't work. This is the time to wear your jeans, flowing skirts and dresses, and sleep in something a bit more conservative than a teddy.

Your time of the month is all the more reason to begin carrying a purse, if you aren't carrying one already. Feminine products require frequent changes, so be sure to stick a few extra products in your purse, along with your cosmetics, perfume, lotion, and other toiletries. When you sneak away to powder your nose, freshening up by changing your pad or tampon should be always be a priority. If your tampon string dangling from your behind at the urinal, or a pad stuck to your panties being visible from underneath the door to the bathroom stall concerns you, that's too bad!

What to Buy

Obviously, you'll need to shop for pads and tampons. Choosing which one to wear depends on your outfit and activities for a given day.

Shopping for these things can be complicated, because there are many shapes, sizes, and materials to choose from. Pads can be long or short, scented or unscented, thick and bulky, or thin, but absorbent. Buying as many different varieties as you can afford makes for an interesting experiment in what feels comfortable. Much like pads, tampons come in a variety of sizes, either cardboard or plastic, and scented or unscented. Many girls also use a pantyliner at various times during the month; sex and “accidents” in your panties are all good reasons for sissies to use a pantyliner.

Often times, it is best for sissies to figure these things out for themselves. Can you imagine yourself approaching the cute, young salesgirl at your neighborhood pharmacy or grocery store for advice? Do you worry she might know that the products are for you and not your girlfriend, wife, or other female family member? What if you go shopping in your pinkest, frilliest outfit—how will she react?

What Else to Buy

Anything you might find in your Mistress's bathroom or vanity should be fully stocked in your own. Douche or feminine washes, dusting powder for your panties, and FDS (feminine deodorant spray) are some of the items you might find. Hygiene is always important, but during your sissy period it becomes more important than ever. Washing your sissy parts and keeping your panties fragrant should always be a concern, but should be of the utmost importance during your sissy period. Dress yourself each day as if you were to be inspected from head to toe by your Mistress.
Sissy Periods as Humiliation and/or Punishment

Some sissies cling to their manhood (a manhood that is usually imagined, mind you). Sissy periods are a means of reinforcing one's sissyhood.

Using my friend “Sissy Dee” as an example, Dee is a supervisor at a popular beauty supply chain. Having a tiny, worthless penis and girly features should have been enough to make him understand that no woman could accept him as a man, but Dee continued to harass his co-workers for dates and get a tiny tent in his pants at the sight of an attractive woman. So, to correct his perviness, Dee was forced to wear overnight pads with wings everyday during the last week of each month. During that week, if Dee dared to look at a sexy girl and have pervy thoughts, the bulky pad in his silky panties would serve as a reminder of what he truly was.

“I Need Help, Mistress! Is a Sissy Period Right for Me?”

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