Bratty Mistress Molly's Guide to Panty Shopping

For self-proclaimed panty boys and panty lovers, shopping for these sexy essentials is as exciting as wearing them! It's not just the gratification that comes from buying something new to add to your wardrobe; meandering under the watchful eye of giggly salesgirls as you go from one display to the next can be thrilling!

Some panty boys are reluctant to purchase their own unmentionables, and instead hang out at laundromats or the local gym, in hopes of stumbling upon an opportunity to steal a young, unsuspecting girl's underwear. There are also those of you who love to rummage through your girlfriend's panty drawer whenever she's away. Excluding those who love the intoxicating aroma of a woman's juices all over the crotch of her dirty panties (but don't you all?), I believe there's a certain shame in panty shopping that leads you to such thievery.

Are you afraid of what the salesgirls and other shoppers will think of you? Does spending money on panties validate your obsession? Get over yourself! If you think women can't tell what kind of “guy” you are by the way you walk, your nervousness around women, or from the panty lines that show through your khakis and dress slacks, then you're obviously delusional.

Consider this guide to be not only a way to familiarize yourself with where to shop, fabrics, and types of panties, but also your first step towards accepting yourself for what you are.

Where to Shop

You'd think that finding a place to shop for panties would be the easiest part of the panty shopping process. I thought every guy grew up jerking off to Victoria's Secret catalogs he stole from his mother, neighbor, sister, or other female? Seriously; if you take a stroll through any mall with a Victoria's Secret, you'll find an unusually high number of creepy looking guys sitting on the benches in front, pretending to be chatting away on their cellphones or reading an upside down magazine!

Besides Victoria's Secret, there are other specialty stores, such as Frederick's of Hollywood and La Perla (the former catering to those of you that prefer to look like street walkers, and the latter being more upscale). “Big box” stores, like Wal-mart and Target, obviously sell panties. Panties sold at such stores are usually for the less discriminating panty boy—the one who doesn't mind wearing the same scary, floral-print panties that my grandma probably wears.

Finally, there are many places to buy panties over the internet. This robs you of the thrill of visiting stores in person, but can be a very fun activity for you to beg your phone Mistress to take part in. I have many panty boys and sissy sluts who call to request shopping sessions.

Fabric is Everything!

What your panties are made of can mean the difference between discomfort and arousal. Additionally, different fabrics have different connotations. For example; cotton panties usually conjure images of youth and innocence (white cotton panties were part of my private high school's dress code), while voile lace is something you'd probably wear to impress a hot stud and/or your Mistress. Besides lace and cotton, satin, silk, lycra and spandex are all common materials you'd find at your friendly neighborhood lingerie store. For you adventurous types, velvet, leather, and fur might just be what you need for your kinky roleplays and wild fantasies.

Bikinis, Boy Shorts, and Briefs, Oh My!

Most men recognize just two types of panties; “regular” panties, and thongs. If you've ever been lucky enough to have a girlfriend to buy lingerie for, or if you're a seasoned panty perv, you know that one of the first questions you might be asked upon walking into the panty section of a lingerie store is, “what style are you looking for?” Here's a brief overview of the most popular styles. :)

Bikini – Bikinis are a quintessential part of any panty wardrobe. They are generally low-rise (which means the waistband rests just above the hips), and offer moderate coverage. Everyone needs bikini panties in his or her wardrobe!

Brief – Briefs, also known as granny panties, offer total coverage (meaning they cover the ass and the waistband reaches the belly button). Briefs are the panties of choice for old trannies and fat sissies, but if you have a sophisticated Mistress to guide you, you can definitely pull off a Bettie Page or Marilyn Monroe look.

Boy Shorts – Boy shorts are your bratty domme's panty of choice. The name is pretty self explanatory; they look like little shorts! I love the way my butt cheeks peek out from the bottom of the shorts.

Thong – Who doesn't LOVE thongs? Chances are you've fantasized about parading around in a thong, your slutty ass completely exposed and at the mercy of your Mistress. As I write this essay, I am sitting here in a pair of jeans with my sky blue thong peeking out of the waistband.

Tanga – The best way to describe tanga panties is to ask you to picture a thong that isn't really a thong. Tangas have a thin waistband, narrow crotch, and full behind. If you have sexy hips that are worthy of being shown off, these are the panties for you.

Now What?

Now that you have the information you need to make the most of your panty shopping experience, you need someone to give you that extra “push” and make you put it all to good use. Maybe you're lucky enough to be cuckolded or forced into feminization by your wife or girlfriend (and I do say lucky enough, because we both know that deep down inside you yearn to be sissified), but chances are you're all alone with your swishy thoughts. Contact me, Empress Molly, to arrange your very own panty phone sex session.